Why 1IGS Africa?, Procurement?

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1 guy, lots of crude oil, and hundreds of procurement needs.

Well, that’s the short version. Our founder took the plunge into entrepreneurship after being at executive oil & gas supply chain positions in Africa for more than 15 years. Between pursuing an executive supply chain career, MSc in Global Supply Chain and MBA in International Business, he created ripples

in the logistics and supply chain space by founding 1IGS Group, which introduced a 6 business Unit integrated Global Supply Chain system in Africa. This experience made him keenly aware of sourcing frustrations as he juggled spreadsheet-based RFPs and other antiquated processes (there was clearly a gap). This led to interviews with oil & gas Supply Chain Managers to understand their issues and needs. Three common themes kept popping back up: There was no solution that made sourcing more simple, smart, streamlined, cost effective and complaint. Developed with this feedback in mind, 1IGS Procurement came to be and the rest is history

What we do?

We offer a range of services ranging from transactional procurement to tail-end spend management. Our focus is developing our advanced technologies to deliver you cost savings and increased efficiency. We continually strive to add value to our service by simplifying your buying process and ensure you get the most out of their business with us..

How we add value?

We can offer you a flexible service, adapting our service to fit your unique needs. We simplify the procurement process using our extensive knowledge of global supply and logistics. There is the option of a single point of contact for one to one interaction providing you with a direct contact at Storm for all your requirements. By pooling our resources of strong supplier relationships, industry knowledge and global presence we can provide you with a constantly reliable service in country and on-site.

What do we offer?

At 1IGS, we are committed to reliability, flexibility and dedication to servicing your unique needs. We have partnerships with suppliers across the globe providing us access to thousands of products internationally at the best prices. We have key relationships with logistic providers and integrate exportation into our service as a value add. We are committed to regular visits to maintain a culturally sensitive understanding of both the people we work with but also the regions we work within. Bespoke procurement solutions for upstream, downstream, onshore and offshore oil and gas operations.
Leaders in procurement, procurement made easy 123.
We successfully supply the mining, oil, gas, engineering and manufacturing industries as well as the civil infrastructure.

How we do it?

From one-off, ad-hoc quotations to annual procurement contracts, our team will ensure all your procurement and supply chain needs are sourced in a timely and effective manner, in line with your required technical specifications.

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