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Fleet Procurement

1IGS Procurement

Leverage the unmatched buying power of an 800,000-unit fleet With decades of experience in trucking and transportation procurement, our procurement experts understand the complexities that fleet managers face when it comes to cost containment. Lower costs with fewer headaches.

With the buying power of a 800,000 unit fleet, we provide fleet managers with the purchasing leverage and invoicing simplicity they need to effectively manage fleet costs.

Kick-start Your Purchasing Power. Our Fleet Procurement Services couple unmatched buying power with a fully electronic invoicing system that removes friction, confusion, and poor visibility from the purchasing process. Now you can focus on managing your fleet for greater revenue growth rather than solving labor-intensive purchasing problems, which can save up to 20% on yearly costs.

How it works?

1IGS Procurement

We maintain program relationships with nearly 160+ industry-leading suppliers for items such as tires, fleet equipment and parts, and supplies. Get access to the parts and services you need at a competitive price.
Enroll in our programs that fit your needs – Here create a program Enrolling is completely risk-free.

We have no minimum spend commitment requirements and zero obligations. We provide pre -negotiated pricing Pre-negotiated pricing and supplier contracts are provided for you to leverage.

We manage payment terms

1IGS Procurement

We manage the payment terms, preventing confusion, disputes, and increased cost due to unfavourable payment.

Purchase as you do today
Work directly with your own sup pliers and be billed against your 1IGS account.

We manage the supplier relationship
We do the legwork of managing the supplier relationship and re-negotiating the prices as buying power increases.

Access an easy-to-use billing system
We deliver invoices in an easy-to-use billing system so you can approve or dispute invoices with the click of a button.

Get a clear view of your spend
You’ll enjoy better insight and knowledge of your company’s spend habits with categorized reporting, so you have full visibility into all spend.

Save money + time
Getting started is easy. You can be purchasing through 1IGS in just a few days.

Vehicle Procurement

1IGS Procurement

When investing in vehicular fleets, there’s more needs accounted for than capital expenditure.

Areas our team investigate include:

  • The initial cost
  • Maintenance costs
  • Carbon emissions
  • Tyres & Fuel
  • Insurance classifications
  • Support services for maintenance

Travel Spending Insights: Expense Visibility
We assist our clients by assessing overall travel costs by conducting a transportation cost analysis, which will determine your overall travel costs across your organisation.

The data we have for your travel expenses can then be consolidated into our larger travel budget for each of our clients. With the pooled travel budget, we’re able to approach any number of our travel suppliers to explore opportunities for negotiated rate agreements, which can significantly reduce your travel costs – and fast!

Our team manages the negotiations on your behalf.

Private jet service

1IGS Procurement

Charter or Purchase

We also work with private sector aviation suppliers, thus can accommodate the charter of private jets or assist in the procurement process and in establishing maintenance agreements where required. In addition, we can also assist in the procurement process of spare parts and hangarage if that is deemed a requirement. Whatever your businesses travel needs, we are confident we have the supplier base to meet your every requirement.

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