1IGS Procurement



1IGS Procurement

The easiest way to submit sourcing requests. 1IGS combines transparency and automation to simplify sourcing requests, reduce bottlenecks, and strengthen stakeholder collaboration.

Increase stakeholder adoption by 5x. See how, with 1IGS

1IGS Procurement

Simplify sourcing requests across the enterprise. Facilitate the project request process with a single source of truth. Centralize essential requests and data in one accessible platform for all business users. Track and manage project requests with automatic routing.

Eliminate manual requests, easily lost emails, and error-prone spreadsheets. Keep business partners informed with visibility into project requests. Automate progress updates to simplify stakeholder engagement and report on team performance. Reduce bottlenecks via automation. Direct project requests to the right owner via automatic routingAssign requests automatically based on critical fields, e.g. category, region, and spend. Launch any kind of new sourcing request with just a click. Configure request forms and drive stakeholder adoption through intuitive processes.

Expedite project cycles with single sign-on (no barrier to entry!). Simplify stakeholder engagement by streamlining processes. Strengthen stakeholder collaboration. Simplify stakeholder engagement with one platform. Engage stakeholders upfront with built-in collaboration tools and team chat. Gain full visibility into business requirements and specifications. Standardize requests to save time and ensure compliance. Demonstrate measurable impact for the enterprise. Report on team performance easily by creating intuitive reports

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