1IGS Procurement



1IGS Procurement

Build a Healthier Pipeline for Clinical and Non-Clinical Sourcing Teams

Through 1IGS’s intuitive interface and streamlined supplier engagement platform, hospitals, payors, and processors can exceed savings targets, improve supplier compliance, and better the bottom line.

Taking a holistic approach to procurement  —  Simplify a Complex Process

Switch from manual processes and disconnected spreadsheets to 1IGS’s single source of truth. Even small teams can streamline the process and get full visibility into everyone’s pipeline.

Manage Third-Party Compliance
With integrated performance management and compliance tracking tools, ensure that every supplier you onboard is not only operating to regulations, but is continually improving.

Stop Rising Costs
In healthcare, cost is at the center of every conversation. Use 1IGS’s Savings Tracker to align with your finance goals and proactively manage the cost of every event.
We’ve increased our savings exponentially—by an order of magnitude of three to five times—by using 1IGS.
Giorgos Arditzoglou
Chief Operating Officer

See first-hand how 1IGS users have an 89% adoption rate within the first week of implementation. Schedule a demo with 1IGS.

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