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Supporting acquisitions teams in public sector and nonprofit enterprises
Government and nonprofit organizations today are expected to provide the same level of services, if not more, to their constituents amidst shrinking budgets and severe fiscal pressures.


1IGS, with nearly two decades of experience working with hundreds of Fortune 500 enterprises, as well as dozens of government and nonprofit organizations, brings in a deep understanding of commercial best practices as well as know-how of applying them for the government and nonprofit space.
With many government and nonprofit organizations already running lean teams, further reductions in headcount is not an option as it can increase the strain in an already stressed service delivery. We partner with our customers to develop unique solutions that achieve significant, tangible time and money savings without affecting services or reducing headcount.

Creating Tangible Value
Our work is focused on driving time and money savings through improvements in people, process and technology. Whether by consolidation, renegotiation, strategic sourcing, reverse auction, organizational redesign, process improvement or analytical and transactional automation through technology, 1IGS creates real value for government and nonprofit acquisition organizations.
Our solutions can be delivered quickly and are recurring — the savings are immediate and the benefits accumulate for years to come. Reinvesting these real savings helps our clients fulfill their missions and responsibilities in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Key Focus Areas

  • Acquisition Operations Assessment
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Portfolio Analysis, Strategy & Management
  • Acquisition Shared Service

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