1IGS Procurement

Dynamic negotiations & analytics

Dynamic negotiations & analytics

1IGS Procurement

Optimize real-time pricing conversations with data-driven negotiation

Collaborate across suppliers using best case scenarios and automated thresholds. Scout Dynamic Negotiations and Analytics puts power in the hands of Sourcing to accelerate negotiation with user-friendly analysis.

Master dynamic negotiations by collaborating with facts

1IGS Procurement

Optimize real-time pricing conversations with line item guidance in the bidding process.

Structure specific feedback ranges to facilitate quick and efficient supplier responses. Leverage scenarios to see the best possible outcomes. View estimated financial impact of incumbent or new suppliers via automated guidepost scenarios, or build your own scenarios. Deliver significant time and cost savings. Be the hero and reduce time-to-savings by automating the process of cleaning and analysing data

Automate sourcing’s busywork for accelerated negotiation

1IGS Procurement

Prioritize high-impact bids with just a few clicks. Clean your data quickly and perform outlier analysis to evaluate the most optimal bids.
Establish the actual market level in complex scenarios, with line item guidance.

Apply guidepost scenarios based on desired pricing to understand market realities. Negotiate multiple rounds faster and easier than ever. Shorten cycle times for sourcing and suppliers with quicker analysis and line item pricing updates.

Do-it-yourself price modeling, no data juggling or spreadsheets required

1IGS Procurement

Understand multiple scenarios and upsides in an instant. View scenarios on the cost and savings impact of strategic suppliers, incumbents, and historical baselines
Provide an accessible platform that incorporates should-cost modelling.

Give power to the enterprise user, rather than constantly laying out the right rules and combing through multiple lines of bids. Determine the best choice with the greatest business impact. Simplify decisions that support savings goals by quickly analysing multiple factors and constraints. SIMPLIFY DECISIONS WITH DYNAMIC NEGOTIATIONS

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