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Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Biotech and Pharmaceutical

1IGS Procurement

Accelerate Innovation and Cost Savings with Your Suppliers

Innovation depends on getting new treatments through trial and to market. Scout helps leaders like Biogen, Gilead, and Bluebird Bio drive continuous improvement by fostering close collaboration and predictable delivery from strategic suppliers.

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The Solution
In many organizations, the value a new supplier brings tends to peak in the months immediately following onboarding. They were identified to fit a specific business need, often in the short-term, and as they age, they can be relegated to a “maintenance role.”

But in pharma and biotech, product development and market cycles are long, often lasting a decade or longer. In that environment, it’s critical to ensure that your strategic suppliers – whether they’re collecting trial data, processing results, or delivering critical compounds – continue to help your business grow.

That’s why we’ve built 1IGS as a supplier engagement platform. From supplier identification, to vetting, and through a regular cadence of performance management, we provide you a collaborative single source of truth so you never lose a data point, and you can work together with your vendors to ensure compliance, continued innovation, and growth.

1IGS enables end-to-end supplier engagement, where you’re not only being more efficient, but can tap into that single source of truth for a powerful compliance audit trail. — Lebo Sephoti, Chief Strategy Officer

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